I watched “Walk the Line” just a little earlier… There is a long walk to the ring… Who is going to “walk the plank”?

In the ring Mayweather looks confident and happy to be there… 146 lbs. agrees with him… Zab looks serious… bows to all four sides like we did in the amateurs. Mayweather smiles. Both are wound up at the center ring instructions.

People trickle out of the ring. With only the ref separating them, both fighters are now seeing one another in a new light. Reality drops in.

Round 1
They joust, big left hook by Floyd… Judah with a nice left… excellent round. Both wound tight. Floyd may start trying too hard. Playing into Zab’s trap. Even round.

Round 2
Zab with beautiful counter punches… Mayweather feeling forced to make the fight happen. Rushes into punches. Judah with a right hook counter. Possible knockdown
Zab’s round. Not scored as a knockdown but I would’ve scored it as a knockdown.

Round 3
I am getting more tense as this fight goes on… Crisp, initiating punches by Floyd. He puts himself into the fight. Floyd’s round.

Round 4
Judah hurts Floyd with a left… Mayweather still forcing the fight, not letting it happen. Judah round.

Round 5
Mayweather has to come back with the right uppercut after the hook. He caught Judah with a right lead. Good body shot by Floyd … Floyd let Zab off the hook by backing up while Zab feinted him with the unorthodox “get ready, here I come” hand movements. Mayweather round, but he let Zab juke him at the close, which ain’t a good sign.

Round 6
Good body shots by both fighters. Because Zab dropping to the right Mayweather should use right uppercut. Zab could counter Floyd’s right with the straight left. Nice right before the bell by Floyd. Floyd’s round

Round 7
Still intense. Both fighters are in such good shape they haven’t even settled yet. Floyd buzzed Zab with a right-left. GET THE DAMN CAMERA OUT OF THE CORNER!!! Can’t see anything from that silly angle. Things are starting to appear “normal” again in “Pugville” as Floyd is getting his flow. Nice left at the bell by Judah, but Mayweather round.

Between rounds – Zab bleeding. I think he needs to take a stand now… come out with something hard… This is where the fight will be won.

Round 8
Mayweather is sharp on the infighting… but at times I feel like Floyd is going to sleep… Zab threw some nice combinations but his spirits fluctuating… the pressure of having to stay “on” has gotten to Zab. He is looking elsewhere when father is talking to him in the corner. Floyd round.

Round 9
Zab posing. Mayweather walking to Zab now. Mayweather reflexes still firing like the first round. Picking Zab apart. Zab acknowledging Mayweather’s punches… nodding in agreement. Never give that to your opponent.

Round 10
Nice left uppercut by Floyd…. Don’t like the way… Oh, brawl! Left uppercut to the jewels and a right hook to the back of the head… Many pile in. Security grabs Roger Mayweather and pulls him back as he squares up with Yoel Judah. Something snaps in Zab as he takes the circuitous route to blindside Roger with a right hook… Don’t know if it hit. They wrestle. Roger got a death grip on Zab’s throat. The low blow MAY not of been on purpose cuz he got hit just before he was bringing an uppercut… but the back of the head was a nasty reflex… intentional, but not to hit him in the back of the head, just to hit him while he was hurt and wherever he hit didn’t matter. The result? Both fighters’ crews will get fined and less entourage will be allowed near corners in future fights because of this. Roger ejected for being the first one in.

Between rounds – Mayweather starts getting confusing advice? I want to hear the questions he is asking in the corner.

Round 11
Why does Floyd keep ducking forward and to the right, giving Zab a chance to score hard with the uppercut… in reality Zab at this point can’t do anything about it. Mayweather’s round.

Round 12
Judah comes out hard like he should’ve in the first round. Zab needs to throw caution to the wind, but his instinct doesn’t allow him to. Zab took the round on aggression and Mayweather didn’t necessarily apply himself.

Pretty Boy Floyd gets the unanimous decision in what was a good fight… Tension all the way through… I can finally relax like when the dentist has finally finished drilling that molar. Whew, can I get up now? Boxing is often a sport of reflexes and tonight was exactly that. Floyd consistently had the better reflexes as the fight wore on… Roger, even though as Floyd said, “he knew Zab would try dirty tactics” if the fight was getting away from him, couldn’t help but obey the reflex to get into the ring and brawl. And the commission’s reflex, although not as fast as the fighters’, will certainly be the best punch scored in the fight when they mete out fines. As if Zab isn’t getting enough taken out of his purse.

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