In some people’s minds this is a fight that never should have been made, a bout that was by all rights Baldomir’s. But Carlos Baldomir isn’t marquee material except in Argentina, although that may change when he fights Arturo Gatti. All of which leaves us with the disappointing whiz kid from Brooklyn, Zab Judah, coming off a potentially psyche-wrecking loss in his hometown, defending ‘his’ welterweight belt against the best fighter pound-for-pound alive today, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Saturday night. Zab’s got his fans who’ll put their money where their mouths are and insist he’s the Second Coming, even the First, but he’s got a high mountain to climb if he hopes to beat Pretty Boy Floyd. This is how The Sweet Science writers see Mayweather-Judah.

As much as I would like to see Zab win, if for no other reason than because he is from New York, I have trouble seeing Floyd losing. He's simply too quick, too smart and too game to let Zab beat him. The only scenario that I could Zab winning is one in which Floyd steps to Zab like he did against Sharmba in search of a quick knockout and Zab, who can crack, catching him. But I don't see that happening. I don't see Floyd giving Zab any kind of openings. Floyd not only wants to beat Zab, he wants to embarrass him, and he'll be razor-sharp, in top shape, while Zab, who everyone says always steps up in big fights, except when he fought Kostya, is a wildcard. He has behaved erratically in the run-up for this fight, not participating in the promotion and who knows where his head is at. So all things considered, I like Floyd by late stoppage, maybe by the tenth round.
Mitch Abramson

Judah may have lost his last fight, but “Super” was obviously unmotivated and undertrained. Otherwise, he would have never lost to a limited fighter such as Carlos Baldomir. This time, he knows his career may be on the line. And, judging by his pre-fight silence, he's treating it that way. So look for an inspired performance from Judah.
Will it be enough to upset Mayweather? Maybe. Judah is bigger, and he is easily the most versatile fighter “Pretty Boy” Floyd has fought in some time – perhaps in Mayweather's entire career. He has fast hands and fast feet and good boxing instincts. But what he doesn't have is a chin, and that will cost him. Judah will outbox Mayweather at times, and out-slug him, too. But then Mayweather will pop a tiring Judah in the 10th, drop him, and finish him off with a flurry of punches. Good effort by Zab. But not enough to beat a Floyd. Mayweather, possibly behind on points, by 10th-round TKO.
Matthew Aguilar

Character, or lack of it, will decide the outcome of Mayweather-Judah. Talk of a 100% Zab Judah, which means, I suppose, a focused and well-trained Zab Judah, may sell the fight, but the very fact that we need to hear that talk tells us that Judah is often less than 100%. And that tells the story. Judah may have speed and power, but he is lacking those other important qualities of a fighter: consistency, reliability, character. These deficiencies showed themselves in the hometown hero’s upset loss to Carlos Baldomir at the Garden. The loss, no matter what the talk, is bound to play on Judah’s confidence as he enters the ring in Floyd Mayweather’s hometown. Mayweather is a superb boxer, and he is reliable inside the ring. He will keep his undefeated record intact Saturday night with a late round stoppage of Judah.
David Berlin

I hate to drag up the past, but I'm going to do it anyway: Carlos Baldomir – are you serious?! Zab Judah, according to my personal predictions based on actually watching Baldomir fight one of the more lackluster bouts in Chicago last summer, should have destroyed this guy and retained his belts – that's a plural, folks. The rest of the civilized world paying attention had jumped on the common sense bus when it came to Judah dismantling Baldomir. Baldomir instead works over Judah, but only wants to pay for one of three belts and we're all incredibly confused. To clear the air, Judah puts the loss on performing Don King's job in making special appearances and having to take phone calls.
Good thing he's not doing any of that this time around. He's hiding out in the gym, concentrating on Floyd Mayweather Jr. Answering questions could ruin the whole thing. I'm assuming squeaky cat toys are banned from the gym as well, lest Zab blow off his state of mind to frolic with a rubber mouse on the floor. No matter of hiding or “focus” in the gym is going to bring Judah to Mayweather's level. It's unanimous for “Pretty Boy” after 12. Now what was I saying?
Jesse K. Cox

Judah can be dangerous when he's in the right frame of mind. And he better be in the right frame of mind against Mayweather. Despite Don King promising an upset win by Judah, I can't see it. Mayweather is just too gifted. And too focused. He wins by an easy decision.
Rick Folstad

Zab Judah is known for getting up for big fights. This is a big fight. He'll be up for it.  He'll even have a few flashes of brilliance. Overall, it won't matter. Floyd Mayweather will waltz to a one-sided unanimous decision.
Randy Gordon

There will be no ugly Jeff Lacy-like surprises here. Floyd will win BIG, I am staking my nickel slot jackpot on it. I just can't decide if he will humiliate Judah in taking the fight the distance and win by huge unanimous decision or if he will have mercy on Zab and take him out by mid fight KO.
Amy Green

Carlos Baldomir. You can fool me once, but from now on, every time Zab Judah fights, I'm picking Baldomir. This time, Judah is saying he's going to start fast, so he'll be finished fast, too. About round seven.
Michael Katz

When Judah lost to Baldomir this fight looked like it was dead in the water, and it should have been. Bob Arum's initial reaction was “Nobody cares,” and he was right. I don’t.
George Kimball

This really is an intriguing matchup because it involves two of the fastest and slickest fighters around – when Zab in on his game. It will be interesting to see what happens when Floyd, light years ahead of guys like Arturo Gatti in terms of hand speed and footwork, gets in there with a guy nearly as fast and almost as slick. The huge edge in speed won't be there, and then what? Judah may be the harder hitter of the two speaking in terms of one-punch power, and likely will be stronger at 147 because he has had more fights the weight. Judah has jumped on opponents early in the past if he felt he could overpower them, or has fought at a distance using speed, feints, footwork and angles to get the job done if he felt they were too strong. Problem here is that Mayweather does just about everything a little bit better and I feel he will take a decision. His defense is better and does everything Judah does as well, or a tad better. Two of the best natural athletes meet here and expect the best Judah we have seen in a long time. Still it will be just short of enough as Mayweather takes a decision over twelve competitive rounds
Joey Knish

Let's get one thing straight Zab – you're not the champion, Carlos Baldomir is. I don't see an upset in your future and I do believe Pretty Boy is going to give you an old-fashioned ass-whoopin’. I'm hoping Mr. Mayweather will shut your mouth up for at least ten seconds but my guess is I won't be so lucky. Mayweather via unanimous, twelve round spanking.
Scott Mallon

Judah was stopped by the hard-punching Kostya Tszyu and rocked by the light-punching Carlos Baldomir. Against Mayweather, he'll be in the fight of his life until he is stopped by a barrage of punches in the middle rounds. Mayweather TKO 6.
Robert Mladinich

Floyd Mayweather is the best fighter of his generation and will prove his pound-for-pound status against a determined yet overmatched Zab Judah. Despite their similar speed, he's a smarter, more accurate fighter with better defense. That spells doom for Zab who goes down and out in this one even though he'll be fighting for his life. Mayweather is just that good. KO Round 8.
Benn Schulberg

Zab Judah earned a shot at Floyd Mayweather by losing to Carlos Baldomir. Judah will lose again Saturday night, which should set him up nicely for a rematch with Baldomir.
Ed Schuyler

Judah's says it was Don King's fault for his loss against Carlos Baldomir, who is now the real welterweight champion of the world. Believe me, I truly dislike King, however, I cannot stand a weasel like Judah. The simple fact of the matter is Zab Judah did not train for Carlos Baldomir like he was fighting for a donut, let alone for the undisputed championship. Any fighter who doesn't train for every fight like it's the biggest of his life is a chump. Mayweather doesn't need any title, considering he already owns the most prestigious of them all, the pound-for-pound crown. Mayweather trains for every fight as if his life is on the line. He is truly the best fighter in the world, regardless of weight. On top of that, we have all seen how unrealistically relentless and devastating Mayweather can be when he has a personal vendetta to settle (see “Obliteration of Arturo Gatti”). Mayweather TKO 8.
Alex Stone

Although his fight with Sharmba Mitchell proved very little about Floyd Mayweather’s prospects as a welterweight, he does not seem like he has missed a step. Zab Judah may be able to go the distance with Floyd, but he will have a tough time landing punches. Mayweather by decision.
Aaron Tallent

I'm in the camp with the experts and oddsmakers. Judah does everything Mayweather does, only slightly worse, and doesn't have the pressuring style to give PBF a real hard time. This could be a pose-fest stinker; I'm hoping not. PBF UD12.
Michael Woods

The closer it gets to fight night the more I'm leaning toward a big victory for Mayweather Jr., but when the bout was initially signed the vibe said Judah had a solid chance, style wise. If Mayweather goes all out, he could see a spectacular stoppage that further secures pound for pound honors but something says he's sidetracked. Mayweather by unanimous decision.
Phil Woolever