In Boxing News: Vitali Klitschko loses election in Ukraine

Former heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko‘s career in Ukrainian politics might be over before it got started. His bold challenge for the mayoralty of Kiev, with no prior political experience, has been, according to early election results, a resounding dud. “I tried to be the leader, Klitschko said, that was my aim. But it is important to know how to win and how to lose.” It looks like the new mayor of Kiev got more than 30 percent of the vote, whereas the 34-year-old Klitschko and the incumbent mayor both got about 22 percent. Klitschko also appears to have lost a bid to enter parliament; his party got less than three percent of the vote.

Looks like another career move is in the works for Dr. K While we’re on the subject of career moves, Mike Tyson‘s talking tour of Ireland has been a smashing success. The Irish Examiner reports that fans of the former champ paid 200 a head for the highly questionable privilege of dining with a convicted rapist, a man who bit an opponent and was once heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Scores of Mike’s boosters packed into Dublin’s plush Burlington Hotel to listen to the one-time boxing hero recount some of exploits in and out of the ring. The Examiner reminds us, as though forgetting was even an option, of Tyson’s straightened circumstances. After squandering a fortune in excess of 400 million, he was happy to come to Ireland for an 80,000 appearance fee. Luggage problems at Gatwick Airport meant Tyson missed his flight, followed by a four-hour delay, which forced him to cancel a planned press conference. But by the time Mike met his fans for the dinner chat, he was his old relaxed self. When asked if he was going to fight again, the former baddest man on the planet said, It all depends on the offer Britain’s ITV brings us an appreciation of Lamon Brewster that starts with a quote from Oscar Wilde: The truth is rarely pure and never simple. He has a point. The article then goes on to describe the hulking, barrel-chested knockout merchant from LA who was written off in 2000 after he lost to Clifford Etienne and Charles Shufford, but who had rebounded and is now on a hot streak. “It is almost like I can say I have been reborn again because I have been reminded of how good I really am as opposed to just depending on my punching power, said Brewster the WBO heavyweight champ. Now, there is so much more added to me that it scares myself. That’s a lot like Jack Johnson’s classic quote,If I felt any better, I’d be scared of myself, but no matter, because Brewster’s got the goods. “If you look at my fights and compare them to anybody in the heavyweight division’s fights, mine are the most exciting. I am the only one in the heavyweight division knocking people out. What other champion is out there knocking people out? Is that not what you really want to see?” According to Buddy McGirt as reported in the LA Daily News, “The funny thing is that Lamon really does not know how good he really is. Once he finds out how good he really is, then the heavyweight division is really in trouble. They have not seen the best Lamon Brewster yet. There is room for him to get better. He just has so much natural ability and so many tools that he has not used, or that he has not used in a long time. It is key for me to keep just reminding him of certain things that he can do, and once he does them, it just makes my job much easier. Former light heavyweight James Butler, aka “The Harlem Hammer,” is staying in the slammer., for close to forever. Butler pleaded guilty Monday to voluntary manslaughter and arson in the 2004 death of Sam Kellerman and will be sentenced to 29 years and four months. Butler entered his plea during jury selection. Prior to the Kellerman murder, Butler was best known for the sucker-punch he dropped on Richard Grant in New York during a charity bout for police and fireman who survived 9/11.