Former heavyweight contender Clifford Etienne has been convicted of an August 10 crime spree that included robbery and an attempt to shoot two police officers with a malfunctioning gun.

A Louisiana state district court jury rejected defense claims that Etienne did not know what he was doing because he was high on drugs and suffering from brain injuries sustained from boxing. The jury is still out as to whether the jury who found Etienne guilty as charged was, as prescribed by law, a jury of his peers.

Authorities said Etienne forced his way into a check cashing business and absconded with a little less than two-grand in cash. After the armed robbery, he attempted to hijack a car with two children inside, before hijacking another car with another two children inside, before wrecking the second vehicle and being caught by police.

Police alleged that Etienne tried to fire at them and one of the drivers, but the gun jammed both times. No matter. The Black Rhino was convicted of two counts each of armed robbery and attempted carjacking, two counts of second-degree kidnapping, two counts of attempted manslaughter, and one count of attempted second-degree murder.

Assistant D.A. Prem Burns said Etienne, who will be sentenced June 22, faces at least 64 years in prison. “He really had a second chance and he blew it,” Burns said, “because he is one of a few young offenders who was released early on something as serious as an attempted armed robbery.”

No word yet if Cliff Etienne plans on bunking with Ike Ibeabuchi.