Rahman and Toney fight to a draw in Atlantic City

As though boxing didn’t have enough problems, the much anticipated bout between Hasim Rahman (44-5-2) and James Toney (69-4-3) ended indecisively in a draw. Judges Nobuaki Uratani and Tom Kaczmarek each had it 114-114. John Stewart gave it to Rahman 117-111. Rock retains the WBC heavyweight belt he was awarded last year when Vitali Klitschko gave up the fight game for the politics game in the Ukraine. Stats reveal that Rahman threw 933 punches and landed 279, while Toney threw 623 and landed 263. The numbers support the draw. Unfortunately the heavyweight division Hasim Rahman (WBC), Chris Byrd (IBF), Nikolay Valuev (WBA) and Lamon Brewster (WBO) and with Calvin Brock waiting in the wings is as muddled as ever. It’s time for some of these big men to meet. The division needs a little clarity.