Fight Promoter University is open for business.

Harvard and Yale better learn to protect themselves at all times. Their long reign at the top of the heavyweight academic heap is about to be challenged. Starting on Wednesday, February 22, in – where else? – California, Fight Promoter University, Irvine campus, will officially open for business.

Longtime Southern California boxing promoter Roy Englebrecht has come up with the innovative bold new idea of an intensive three-day course on how to be a boxing promoter. If the past is any guide, with the boom in boxing and continuing ed neck and neck, FPU might just be a big hit.

“Lawyers go to law school, umpires go to umpires school, doctors go to medical school, so doesn’t it make sense that fight promoters should go to promoters school?” Englebrecht asked rhetorically.

Our answer is a definitive big old fat yes.

Fight Promoter University has a curriculum that covers most of what the average Joe needs to know about to become a bigwig boxing promoter, everything from matchmaking to venue leases, from ring announcing to between fight promotions, from database marketing to season seat pricing, from budgeting a show to writing a show pro forma, from working with State Boxing Commissions to casinos.

The University’s curriculum, while boxing-centric, is compatible with other combat sports – mixed martial arts, K-1, kickboxing, etc. FPU will feature fifteen topnotch guest speakers entrenched in the fight game, ranging from Nevada Boxing Czar Marc Ratner, who will deliver the Keynote Address at the Opening Session, Top Rank’s head matchmaker Bruce Trampler, to the so-called “The First Lady of Boxingâ€? Jackie Kallen.

Hall of fame promoter Bob Arum, CEO of Top Rank, is going to give this year’s commencement address, at which time certificates will be given to the graduates.

The cost of the three-day seminar is $1995, payable in advance by check, and does not include room, board or transportation.

For more information visit the Fight Promoter University website.

Fight Promoter University accepts all applicants, doesn’t do background checks or random drug tests, and at two grand, it’s not a bargain, it’s a steal.