Last night, undefeated junior middleweight sensation Sechew Powell took a big step forward from prospect toward contender in a ten-round bout on ShoBox, in his first fight against a true seasoned veteran, Robert “Push Up” Frazier.

The 26-year-old undefeated southpaw Powell 19-0 (11 KOs), a former national Golden Gloves champion, making a record fifth ShoBox appearance, was a slight favorite. But nobody could count out the experienced 32-year-old Frazier, 31-7-4 (15 KOs), a 1992 nation Golden Gloves champ, seeing as he had been in the squared circle with such great fighters as Winky Wright and Felix Sturm.

From the opening bell Powell showed that he was in control of the fight, establishing his crisp right jab early and setting the pace. Behind a sharp jab, Powell was able to unleash a number of combinations, while walking Frazier down. As Powell continued to land with great frequency, he landed a hard straight left flush on the noggin of Frazier toward the end of the round. Immediately the blood began to pour from the nose of an overwhelmed Push Up Frazier.

Round two opened up with Powell landing numerous of combinations, eventually establishing his beautiful jab again. Powell continued forward, now landing more power shots, basically at will. A dazed and confused Frazier could do nothing but hold the young, lightning-quick Powell. Frazier continued to stand there for another minute or so, squared straight up like a punching bag with cornrows, as Powell never stopped punching. Toward the end of the round Frazier became a bit wild, throwing hydrogen bombs at Powell, landing only one or two of them.

The third began with Powell landing a big left hand. Powell then continued to storm forward with blistering combinations as he backed up Frazier and kept him on the defensive in the beginning of the round. However, toward the middle of the round, Frazier opened up, not afraid to mix it up with Powell. Although he was losing the exchanges, and Powell began slipping most of his punches, Frazier showed true heart and continued to put on the pressure. In the end though, Powell’s combinations were still faster, stronger, and all around better than Frazier's.

Round four started with Powell landing a sharp left behind his poetic jab, eventually evolving that into a number of combinations. Despite this, Frazier began to move forward and press Powell, but all that seemed to do was make Powell fight harder and better. Frazier’s nose continued to bleed from both sides, as it was probably broken. Powell continued to be the busier fighter and it grew apparent that he was running away with the fight.

Round five opened with more of the same – crisp combinations by Powell – as he continued teeing off on Frazier. Frazier attempted to fight back, and although he was throwing a good number of punches he wasn’t landing and was getting beat to the punch. Powell continued the onslaught, keeping his punches short and straight, as Frazier became desperate and sloppy, winding up, throwing wide and wild punches, and missing them all.

In round six, Powell began to show that he was confident about the fight as he dropped his right hand in Roy Jones fashion, embarrassing Frazier, showing everyone that he couldn’t touch Powell, and even if he did, it didn’t matter. To make matters even worse for Frazier, he had been hit so much that he was now afraid to commit to any of his punches. Frazier began to throw one punch at a time, mixing it up in between with some light flurries. However, Powell kept his cool and continued to slip and counter all of his opponent’s punches.

Round seven began with Powell establishing his jab again. Frazier, realizing he was way behind on the scorecards, came forward at Powell and they began exchanging, though Powell continued to win most of the time, slipping all of Frazier’s punches and making him look more like a sparring partner than the seasoned veteran who had fought against seven world champions.

In round eight, Frazier began to open up, putting on the pressure, and throwing punches in bunches. However, Powell was just too good, as he continued to slip and counter, sticking him hard with the right jab. Powell began landing combinations, backing Frazier up at the end of another shut out round.

Round nine began with Powell throwing some nice lefts, of course behind that super fast jab. Powell slowed it down a bit, and became patient, waiting on the lethargic, lifeless Frazier for openings. Powell continued picking and choosing his punches, and landing with supreme accuracy. Frazier began to pick it up at the end of the round, and though he had his moments, they were few and far between.

In the tenth and final round, Frazier came on strong in a last-ditch effort to possibly win the fight, but the more that Frazier threw, the more that Powell landed. Frazier continued to move forward, yet Powell continued to pick and choose his shots, even when moving backwards. A totally shot Frazier began to fade quickly, as Powell showed the extreme shape he was in, staying strong and active throughout the rest of the round.

All three judges scored the fight 99-91 in favor of Powell. The Sweet Science scored the bout 100-90 for Powell.

Last night was another great installment of the up-and-coming series ShoBox. Sechew Powell indeed showed the world that he could indeed compete on a higher level. I can’t wait to see Powell in a big fight in the near future, possibly against the winner of the upcoming Shane Mosley vs. Fernando Vargas.