The Jose Luis Castillo-Diego Corrales rubber match scheduled for February 4 at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas, and to be broadcast on Showtime, has been indefinitely postponed due to a rib injury Corrales suffered in training.

The World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight championship fight may be rescheduled once the dust settles and the fighters and their handlers review their options.

The scheduled 12-round bout was supposed to be held on the eve of the Super Bowl and was going to determine, once and for all, whether Corrales (40-3) or Castillo (53-7-1) is the tougher hombre.

The two fighters’ first fight in May is regarded by almost everyone as the best fight of 2005 (and by others at the best fight of all all-time), with the tenth round – where Corrales survived two knockdowns before KOing Castillo – as the best round of the year.

The February 4 date still stands and a new opponent for Castillo is being sought.