Jean-Marc Mormeck has often been asked when fighting in the United States, why he has yet to adopt an intimidating nickname like so many other boxers do. The good-natured Frenchman responded to such a question at a press conference prior to his SHOWTIME-televised unification win on April 2 in Worcester, Mass., that he would take submissions from Americans on his web site.  Mormeck then decided to let fans make the final decision on

SHOWTIME will launch a special feature on on Monday, Dec. 19, whereby participants can vote on one of the five nicknames that Mormeck has selected. Voting will remain open until the night of the undisputed cruiserweight unification bout – Saturday, Jan. 7 at 9 p.m. ET on SHOWTIME. The nickname with the most votes will be revealed to Mormeck and the rest of the world as the WBC & WBA Champion enters the ring for his bout with IBF Champ O’Neil “Supernova” Bell.

“Americans have always asked me why I don't have a fighter nickname,” said Mormeck. “So, I have decided they will choose for me.”

With several submissions from his American fans, Jean-Marc Mormeck has chosen these top five as his favorites and is asking online participants to help pick out his nickname.

“THE MARKSMAN” courtesy of Tyson Marshall – Waynesfield, OH

“MIGHTY” courtesy of Jarrod Phillips & Catherine – San Francisco

“THE WRECKER” courtesy of Andre Mac Mahon

“THE BLACK THUNDER” courtesy of DJ Kretzz

“HIT THE DECK” courtesy of Blandin LeBrec – Metarie, La.