In Boxing News: Corrales, Castillo, Calzaghe

Our own Rick Folstad has an ex-fighter’s take on Corrales vs. Castillo III: three fights in the time it takes for an NBA season seems a little – I don’t know – too soon? It’ sure to upset some boxing fans, but Folstad has a point. And surely Corrales will box a little more this time instead of going toe to toe, which is Jose Luis Castillo‘s fight. Then again, Diego Corrales has a warrior’s mentality, so nothing should surprise.

Scheduled to face Jeff Lacy in March it’s now or never for Joe Calzaghe. Calzaghe feels confident as he looks towards the Lacy showdown: I’ve the fight I have craved for ages and then every fight afterwards will be a massive occasion. 2006 will be my second coming. It seems like forever that the Welshman has been making the headlines in the UK, but never making his mark in the US. Writer Phil Woolever expects the power-punching Lacy to have his way with Calzaghe. I’m not so sure. Lacy has undoubtedly been impressive in powering through opponents, but he hasn’t yet met a fighter of Calzaghe’s (alleged) caliber. Despite Robin Reid and Scott Pemberton being bigger names, I’d suggest Syd Vanderpool might be the best fighter Lacy has defeated – and Vanderpool proved that Lacy can be hit, before – it should be said – wilting under the pressure of Lacy’s heavy hands. Regardless, full marks to Jeff Lacy for his willingness to go across the Atlantic to face Calzaghe. This game needs more Jeff Lacys. And the bout is undoubtedly one to look forward to.

Ahead of the cruiserweight showdown this weekend, O’Neil Bell has likened Jean-Marc Mormeck to a bull: He’s the bull, I’m the matador. We’ve been working on stepping side to side. And if it comes down to it where we have got to go toe to toe, I’m able to do that because of my past history. But right now we’re working to box, to be a boxer-puncher.

Interesting column in the San Diego Union Tribune on the perennial question of when weigh-ins should take place. The California State Athletic Commissioner is instituting a study meant to determine whether weigh-ins should be conducted on the day before a fight or on the day of the fight. Beginning yesterday, the commission’s intention is to chart what boxers weigh when they weigh in, what they weigh on the night of their appearances, and what they weigh after their bouts. It’s a tough one. At the elite level athletes will always search for every edge possible, and in this case it can sometimes mean endangering either their own health or that of their opponent.

Despite Manny Pacquiao being the betting favorite, Ring magazine tips Erik Morales to defeat Pacquiao again when they meet on Jan. 21st.

Finally, the Cleveland Plain Dealer runs down the top fights of 2005. Looking ahead to the year in boxing to come, Scott Mallon says The Glass Is Half Full For 2006 and asks: Where would boxing be without the WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO and every other alphabet organization? That really is an interesting question. Without the alphabet soup, what would fill the void? Surely something better, but what exactly would that be?

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