Don King’s call for prizefights in Baghdad’s Green Zone has been answered. First the military examined King’s plan and gave it a big thumbs up. And now the WBO has laid another cornerstone in what looks to be a lollapalooza down the line.

In a recent press release, WBO President Francisco Valcarel wrote that. We support all of the allied troops in our fight for freedom in Iraq. Our troops have represented the world in an exemplary fashion, and their courage, dedication and accomplishments are an inspiration to us. Don King is to be commended for proposing that the Boxing World should recognize their sacrifice with a world championship bout for the allied soldiers, sailors and airmen serving in Iraq.

The Sweet Science seconds President Valcarel when it comes to supporting the troops in Iraq, and everyone knows our position on boxing.

We call for this event to be a WBO World Championship, Vacarel continued. Lamon Brewster v Wladimir Klitschko, Zsolt Erdei v Tomasz Adamek, or Antonio Margarito v Zab Judah in the Green Zone in Iraq would be the most compelling boxing event since the Rumble in the Jungle. If anyone can overcome the challenges of this event, it is Don King. The WBO pledges our total support for this project, and calls on all WBO champions and Promoters and all of Boxing to assist.

The wheels of boxing, unlike the wheels of justice, move fast (like there’s no tomorrow), and the wheels for a WBO-backed Don King fight in Baghdad are in motion. Brewster, Zab, Margarito, et al they’ve seen some real nasty hoods in their day, but going to Baghdad, no matter the purse, needs and no doubt will be given careful consideration. The proposed bouts, should they reach fruition, would be a fabulous thing for our forces overseas, like something out of a World War II movie, except this time it would be in living color, red, white, black and blue and green.