The St. Petersburg Times has reported today that there may be a place for Mike Tyson in Winky Wright’s newly-formed promotional company, Winky Promotions. The Times quotes Wright:

Mike, he wants to be more of a talent scout. A lot of fighters come to him and ask him for advice on different promoters and fighters. We’re trying to find a role for him in that area.”

Wright also pointed out that Joe Public does not know the real Mike Tyson,

“people may not know it, but he’s highly intelligent.”

It seems like a pairing of wildly different pugilists: Wright – diligent, humble and unmistakably likeable, whereas Tyson’s journey through both the sweet science and through life has been well-documented. But it may just be like Winky says, most of us don’t know the real Mike or what he has to offer.

Upon hearing the news Don King surely must have uttered, Only In America. Myself, I coudn’t help thinking: Only In Boxing!