In Boxing News Today: Jones Jr. v. Hopkins

Roy Jones Jr. vs. Bernard Hopkins is apparently on for March 11: “Ever since Roy Jones’ unanimous decision victory against Bernard Hopkins for a vacant middleweight title in 1993, there has been high interest in a rematch.” Perhaps I’m only speaking for myself, but given Roy Jones Jr. is 0-3 for his last 3 fights and Bernard Hopkins is 0-2 in his last 2 outings, my own level of interest is a long way from high. Too bad the rematch couldn’t have happened when it would actually have meant something.

Sky Sports has the 2005 Boxing Year In Review today. When the right fights get made, this sport is hard to beat for anticipation and excitement: Morales v. Barrera, Corrales v. Castillo, Wright v. Trinidad, Hatton v. Tszyu, Hopkins v. Taylor, Cotto v. Torres and even W. Klitschko v. Peter (a stretch – perhaps – but at least 2 heavyweights actually willing to fight each other).

The BBC reports that Nicolay Valuev, the giant and newly-crowned WBA Heavyweight Champion, does not have the WBA belt because it wasn’t big enough to fit around his waist: another one is being made especially for Valuev. According to Russian news agency Rosbalt, Valuev has given the WBA champion’s belt back to John Ruiz as a souvenir.

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