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By now, most people are familiar with the CIA leak scandal and the grand jury investigation that has resulted in the jailing of Judith Miller of The New York Times and the outing of a confidential source by Matthew Cooper of Time. The special prosecutor’s case, when played out, promises to have a profound affect on the First Amendment as it applies to the press.

Just how far can a reporter go in terms of protecting the confidentiality of his/her sources? One of our own writers here at The Sweet Science Tim Graham – is currently in the middle of that issue. Graham, in the process of doing his job as beat reporter for the Buffalo News, disclosed that MRI’s taken of undefeated heavyweight Joe Mesi revealed multiple subdural hematomas, which have resulted in him being, for all intents and purposes, banished from Nevada, and by way of reciprocation, all United States rings. The party who gave this information to Graham may very well have been violating federal laws pertaining to medical confidentiality. So what is Graham willing to do to keep his secret source secret?

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