Last time out, these two warriors gave us one of the best fights of the modern era (or any era), so this rematch needed no hype. All one had to do was watch the first fight; that was hype enough. Incredibly, at the weigh-in Castillo failed to make the weight and came in heavy twice. I could go on about the weight issue, but I’ll leave that to someone else.

Last night in Las Vegas, Jose Luis Castillo beat Diego Corrales over 4 rounds, in another fast-paced, action packed fight. His superbly accurate power punches made all the difference.

Corrales and Castillo wasted no time feeling each other out. Both men carried on where they left off last time, with “Chico” using his fast jab to set up the power hooks to Castillo’s head in the first round. Castillo’s defense was brilliant, taking Corrales’ shots and always looking to target Corrales body before landing big uppercuts almost every time he threw them. Round 1 was close, but Castillo threw the better controlled combinations to win the first round.

Round 2 saw more of the same from both fighters. Corrales was happy to fight at close range, while Castillo was throwing and landing big in the clinches. Round to Castillo.

Castillo was throwing and landing almost everything at Corrales’ body, sapping his strength and dominating Corrales on the inside, pounding the body, followed by uppercuts and finishing with big left hooks. Corrales was going with his fast flurries, but all the while leaving his guard wide open. With just on one minute of the round remaining, he was caught with a big right hand, but managed to hang on. Castillo round.

No doubt about it; Castillo was the boss tonight. The tough Mexican was fighting the fight of his life, putting on a performance of precise power punching, and with only 46 seconds into round 4, with Castillo taking another flurry of punches from Corrales, he pulled back his shoulders slightly, and let it rip. Bang! Corrales was down and he wasn’t getting up.

What a left hook! What a punch! What a performance!

It’s now 1-1 between the two warriors. Corrales definitely wants to do it again at 135 lbs. As soon as he got up, he said to Castillo, “It’s 1-1. We have to do it again.” Castillo will do it again, but for a fistful of dollars more and a few tacos less.