WAYNE, NJ (September 12, 2005) – Who killed the super middleweight fight between Jeff Lacy vs. Joe Calzaghe?

“It sure as hell was not the butler,” said promoter Gary Shaw. “Showtime had November 5 reserved. Jeff was ready to fight in Cardiff, London, or any other home court venue Team Calzaghe desired. Calzaghe's promoter, Frank Warren has been sitting on the contract I sent him for nearly three weeks. I should have known he did not want Calzaghe to fight Jeff, having Calzaghe take a meaningless fight against a meaningless opponent. Evans Ashira was the WBO's No. 9-rated middleweight contender in its July 2005 ratings! Warren didn't want rounds for Calzaghe. He wanted an escape hatch from fighting Jeff

“Jeff satisfied his mandatory against top-rated contender Robin Reid in August so he wouldn't be stripped and the fight would be a true world title unification fight,” continued Shaw. “Reid was no warm-up fight.”

“Lots of things can also happen between now and then, not least among them injuries.” Calzaghe said in an August interview with the BBC following Lacy's victory over Reid. “I have had problems with my hand and back on and off over the years, which is hardly surprising when you have been fighting since the age of nine like I have.”

Calzaghe continued:  “He (Lacy) wants it and I want it and the prospect really excites me, but I haven't even talked money yet so nothing is cut and dried.”

“Jeff will defend his titles November 5 and Showtime will televise it,” Shaw concluded. “Jeff is not only the most active world champion in boxing. He is the shining light of the 12 stone division. Jeff has successfully answered every challenge in his professional career, but when it came time for Calzaghe to face Jeff, his team threw in the towel.”