BROOKLYN, New York (August 18, 2005) — Undisputed world welterweight champion Zab “Super” Judah extended his congratulations to “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather Jr. after he destroyed Arturo “Thunder” Gatti on June 25 to become a three-division world champion. Judah also serviced notice on Mayweather that if he wanted to attempt to become a four-division champion, Judah and his titles are waiting for him at 147 pounds.

Judah’s disposition towards the undefeated Mayweather (34-0, 23 KOs)  has changed after “Pretty Boy” has spent what Judah feels is an inordinate amount of time and effort focusing on attempting to move up two weight divisions to 154 pounds to face Winky Wright. Those protracted negotiations fell apart on Tuesday.

“I don’t understand why Floyd spent all this time trying to make a fight with Winky,” Judah said. “I am the undisputed welterweight world champion—just seven pounds heavier than Floyd—and he wants to move to 154 and face a man with no titles? I don’t get it.”

Judah (34-2, 25 KOs) added:  “Floyd says he’s never ducked anyone and never will. If he will not fight me, he’s going to have some explaining to do. Fighters know things that other people don’t. By looking over me, he’s telling me he fears me.”

Judah had a final message for Mayweather: “It’s not me. Sign the contract tomorrow Floyd and it’s on. I’m going to make you pay for avoiding me.”

Judah’s promoter, Don King, believes Mayweather’s advisors have been misguided to focus on the Wright match, and the time has come for the Judah vs. Mayweather fight to be made.

“This is a super-fight waiting to happen,” King said. “Zab is the undisputed welterweight champion, and the only fighter near Floyd’s weight with the combination of speed and power to present a clear and present danger to his undefeated record.”

“I believe ‘Lonesome’ Bob Arum has given him bad advice. He’s a three-division champion and should prove himself at welterweight before thinking about super welterweight. All this talk about Winky does make one wonder if Floyd sees something in Zab that he doesn’t want to face in the ring.”