CHICAGO (August 14, 2005) – At the conclusion of Saturday’s “Global Glory … Battle for Pride & Country” – highlighted by Hasim Rahman’s unanimous decision over Monte Barrett for the WBC Interim Heavyweight Title – the fighters on the card had the following things to say.


“It was a tough fight in a different way. He (Barrett) had a good game plan. He tried to move around but I was in good shape. I got dinged and Monte is a good puncher.

“I don’t think Klitschko will move around as much as Monte did, but tonight I showed I can go twelve rounds.”


“I only give my self a B for performance, but I think I did enough to win.

“It is what it is. I felt like I hurt him a couple of times. He hit me with some good shoots but he never hurt me. When someone is hurt they get panicky. I never panicked.”


“I said I was going to knock him out in one round but I just wanted to put pressure on him and play with his head. As the fight moved on he jumped on his bicycle and he couldn’t compete against me.

“I am the best puncher in the world and Piccirillo fought scared all night long.

“Now I am the champion and I am very happy. My corner helped me relax after such a long layoff and I knew I had to slow down. All I know is that I was superior and it was good work for me. I needed those rounds. It was like a sparring session.

“Before I make a decision for my next opponent I need to drink some water and have a cigarette, but I want Vargas next. I want to be back in the ring in November.”


“Two of the three knockdowns came from blows behind my head that diminished me. He is a dirty fighter. They should have taken points away from him for the way he fought.”

OLIVER “The Atomic Bull” McCALL

“This is beautiful, I feel good. I was setting him up for the uppercut all along. I let him get comfortable, I could have been hit by him with it, but I did not want him to start covering up. I finished him off with a right hand.

“His jab wasn’t hard. I trained hard for the fight and it paid off. I am in my city with my friends and family and this is a great night for me.”


“Oliver hit me and he can punch. I thought I was doing well and then I got cut. I could have tried to stick and move but I know what people want. They want someone who comes to fight … but I paid the price tonight.

“I want everyone in Poland and in Chicago to know that I did the best I could do.”


“It was a great fight and I gained a lot of experience fighting someone with Miguel’s experience. They say I can’t punch, but they should ask Miguel that after I just destroyed him. This fight gave me the opportunity to show my talent and that is what I did.

“It feels great to have defeated a ring legend but there is a new star and it’s me. It’s my time now and I want to conquer the whole division. I rate my performance tonight as only a B+ and I know I can do better.

“I’ll take anyone next. Gatti said he’s coming up, and Mayweather too. I’ll fight anyone who wants to come try to take my belt.”


“My corner and I decided to stop the fight. Collazo had figured my style and the last rounds would have been the same way.

“He has a good boxing style and good rhythm.

“He never hurt me during the fight but he was the busier fighter.

“I will take a brake and reconsider the next step in my career. I lost all the hope I had and I have to accept this reality.”


“I think I broke my left hand in the second round. I injured it in the gym and I even had to re-tape my hand after the first time I put the gloves on tonight.

“I had to dig deep down because my lethal weapon, the left punch, was not available tonight.

“Messi was in great condition and he was very aggressive.

“As soon as my hand heals I will be ready to go after the best in my division.


“I thought I won the fight. He was very strong, but I was the better fighter.

“I was very proud of my first performance in America.”

MATT “Boom Boom” ZEGAN

“I was not sure I could knock him down but it came once in the third and twice in the sixth.

“I am happy so many people showed up early to see me fight.

“Thanks to all my fans in Poland and Chicago.”