Boxing Channel Radio: Russ Anber (Listen to Audio Report)

Russ Anber, well-known in boxing circles in Canada and beyond, debuts this week on Boxing Channel Radio. Anber has trained fighters for 25 years, most notably guiding middleweight Otis Grant to a WBO world championship and later a title match with Roy Jones Jr. Anber is perhaps best known north of the border as the face of boxing for Canada’s The Sports Network (TSN), appearing on his own show – In This Corner – which appears weekly on TSN.

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In his debut on Boxing Channel Radio, Anber provides his thoughts on the Gatti-Mayweather bout. Russ Anber has known Arturo Gatti since Gatti was a 45 pound, 7-year-old fledgling pugilist, training at the Olympic Boxing Club in Montreal. Anber also worked with Lennox Lewis while Lewis was still an amateur on the rise in Canada.

Despite his stated allegiance to Arturo Gatti, when asked about Floyd Mayweather’s performance, Anber marvels at the speed of Mayweather, after witnessing the bout from ringside.

“I’ve never seen anything like that, except when Otis [Grant] fought Roy Jones,” says Anber. “Seeing Floyd on television, and seeing him again in person was another dimension …as you got closer to the ring it [Mayweather’s punches] got even quicker.”

Anber goes on to provide his insight into which fighters, if any, might have a chance to derail Mayweather. He also comments on the wisdom of Gatti’s stated intention to now move up in weight.

In addition to commentary on the contemporary boxing scene, Russ Anber reminisces about getting his start in the fight game.

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