Mike Tyson weighed in Thursday at 233 pounds for his fight against Irishman Kevin McBride on Saturday night. Tyson also weighed 233 pounds when he was stopped by Danny Williams in July of last year. Tyson’s opponent, Kevin McBride, weighed in at a whopping 271 pounds – McBride’s heaviest weight ever for a fight.

With Saturday now looming, Mike Tyson showed little respect for his Irish opponent.

“I'm going to gut him like a fish,” said Tyson. “He's a tomato can. This is going to be a first-class education in humility.”

“I'm an international superstar and if they don't know my name they're from another planet,” added Tyson.

McBride, though, chose to rise above Tyson’s jibes.

“I'm a big man and I have a big punch and when Mike Tyson's people said that I've only dreamed of fighting him I thought, 'Yes, that's true, but I've done my work and there are only two ways I will lose … if I die or I give up',” said the heavyweight from Clones, Ireland.

According to reports, Kevin McBride has enlisted the help of a hypnotist to prepare him for the fight of his life. The Mirror has reported that McBride’s hypnotist will hypnotise him before he meets Mike Tyson tomorrow night at Washington's MCI Center. With Mike Tyson a prohibitive favorite to prevail, the Irishman may need all the help he can get.

According to promoters, more than 14,000 tickets have already been sold for Saturday’s  evening of boxing at the MCI Center, which also features Laila Ali and Sharmba Mitchell.

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