Lamon Brewster

“They can’t see me. When God is with you they can’t take it away. If we can’t work and make it we can still take it.”

“Andrew Golota was the only thing keeping me from the land of milk and honey. I’ve got more than just heart – I’ve got skills. I was an F-16 and he was a B-52 bomber and I shoot him down. “

“I’m not saying I’m great but there was Lennox Lewis and before that there was Mike Tyson and now there’s me. I need to stand up and be a great champion. I’m here to stay.”

“I studied Golota’s tapes. He keeps his hands high and I knew he would be susceptible to my punches.”

“I was lost after Bill Slayton died but I found my way back to Jesse Reed.”

“I went over to St. Sabina School earlier this week and I knew they were praying for me and they come from where I come from, so I had to win for them.”

Andrew Golota

“I understand why the had to stop the fight, but I wanted to continue. I cannot believe this happens to me every decade (Referring to Lennox Lewis stopping Golota during the 1990’s), maybe its time for me to think about leaving boxing.”

“I prepared for this fight since the beginning of the year and I cannot believe it is so quickly over.”


Tomasz Adamek

“This was my best fight ever. Briggs was a strong, tough fighter but I was never going to give up.”

“I know I made my country and family proud.”

Paul Briggs

“I felt I rocked him every other round. I caught a lot of his power shots with my gloves. He was a good fighter he put together good combinations.”

“Of course I thought I won but that’s the way it goes. It was a fair decision.”

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