It’s been said “if you’re not enraged with ‘what’s going on’ in the world at large, you’re simply not PAYING ATTENTION.”

I want you to know how some unsavory people simply attached themselves to the goodwill and glory of my late, beloved husband Eddie Futch. Toward the end, I hope you will understand & share my outrage.

While it grieves me to give this Don King “MINI ME” more ink, Promoter Sterling “Tarnished” McPherson decided to “honor” Eddie at Caesar’s Palace last week. It just happened to coincide with so many esteemed Boxing Professionals being here…I was notified at such a late hour that if I objected, there would not be enough time to fight this legally. Once I realized his MO, starting with misleading invitations, I asked him right away, not to use the ‘Eddie Futch Legacy’ for his publicity purposes.

“Mr. Futch,” as he is remembered in the fistic family, managed to rise from the “Black Bottom Ghetto” in Detroit, while bringing up a wonderful family of four children. He was devoted to his family and even after divorcing Kathleen Futch in 1951 (first wife and Mother to his children) he continued to provide financial support until his death in 2001, which is 50 years. Through faith, hard work and determination, Eddie kept his course & his integrity throughout his life, earning the respect of others.

Enclosed in the invitation to this “promotion” were tickets to a STRIP CLUB. A place of “ill repute” with such ongoing scandals that filled the news papers with it’s sordid stories, forcing it to close several times…In Sin City, that’s telling you something. How low do you go in the quest for fame & fortune, that you desecrate the memory of a great man?

Anyone not “SMOKIN” by now is simply not paying attention!

Sincerely yours,

Eva Futch