“Relentless” Lamon Brewster talked to the media Tuesday after working out in Chicago ahead of his bout with Andrew Golota Saturday night.

“I’m coming here to take care of business and give Chicago a great show. There hasn’t been a heavyweight title fight here in 24 years. I’m a Midwest guy. People from the Midwest are the best. If we see you stranded on the side of the road, we’ll probably pull over to help. Fighting in the Midwest in a city like Chicago is something that I always dreamed of.

“If Golota fights dirty, it’ll look so bad for Illinois and the city of Chicago. No one should want to be champion by using dirty tactics. There have been fights where Golota didn’t fight dirty. The referee just needs to do his job to honor the city of Chicago and the sport of boxing.

“All the pressure is on Golota. I have a job to do. The ref will make the call, even if it’s against me.  Fair is fair.

“The referee needs to do his job. Look what happened to Gerald McClellan.”

On his less than spectacular performance against Kali Meehan:

“This fight is important so that I can show the fans that anyone can have an off night.”

On his past knee problems:

“I didn’t want to have knee surgery because I’d be off for a year. I’ve been going to rehab and now my knee feels good. This is one of the first fights where I’ve been able to run and skip rope (during training).

“I have aches and pains and I’m still thankful. My knee may hurt, but somewhere there’s a guy who doesn’t have a knee.   always try to think of the positive.”

On whether he thinks the fight will go the distance:

“Bill Slayton told me to never take a man 12 rounds if you don’t have to. It’s better to beat him early than to beat him for 12 rounds and possibly give him brain damage.”

“Someday I’ll tell my kids, ‘This is what your father done, so you can eat, so you can go to the best schools. This is what I do because this is my gift from God.’

“I say that hip hop saved my life. Public Enemy helped me to grow conscious of myself and my community. Public Enemy inspired me to be a role model to my community.

“Only the lion can defend the lion pride. My family is my pride.

“As an individual, we can be whatever we want to be. Why do you expect us (fighters) to have animosity toward another man? When the Bulls lose a game and they see the other team in a
nightclub the next night, they don’t get into a fight over it.

“People are people. Unless people living in Poland have six arms and four legs, we’re all the same. I got one heart. I hope you got one.

“I’m confident. I’m don’t have to growl or talk about eating anybody’s kids.

“I’m ready mentally, but it doesn’t hurt to check your list and check it twice.”