Media reports have indicated that Manny Pacquiao will face Australian Robbie Peden next, before a Fall rematch with Erik Morales. First, however, Pacquiao has legal issues to attend to.

Below read Pacquiao's letter, dated May 12th, to promoter Murad Muhammad. (Muhammad has denied the allegations.)

Dear Mr. Muhammad:

I am writing to ask you to stop claiming to other people that M&M Sports is still my promoter. I have fired you and M&M Sports from that position because of, among other things, your participation in a fraud against me. As I sit here today with so much of my money being missing and having to pay a huge tax bill because you violated the law in not withholding my taxes. I still cannot believe how dishonest you were and how you violated my trust in you.

I want you to hear this loud and clear. I am moving on with my career. My new management team has reached an oral agreement for my next two bouts, and I expect to sign a written agreement within the next two weeks. As of that time, not only will you remain fired, but there will be a different promoter formally representing me.

Manny Pacquiao