British super middleweight champion Carl Froch will defend his title against Matthew Barney on July 9th.

Matthew Barney, fresh from a controversial loss against European light heavyweight champion Thomas Ulrich, is the mandatory challenger in a fight that has the potential to be one of the grudge matches of 2005.

Both champion and challenger, Froch and Barney, have a long history of trading insults.

“He wanted a Barney?” Froch asked. “Well now he’s got one.”

“He’s talked a good fight but I know he’s going to suffer from a twitchy bottom when he steps through the ropes.

“And I don’t blame him. I’d hate to face me.

“Listen, I’ve just destroyed world ranked Henry Porras in a manner that a WBA champion and WBC #5 could only dream about. (Mikkel Kessler and Otis Grant respectively)

“And remember this: Porras is a tough operator. But even with seven months out of the ring and a busted hand I still finished him in style.

“Barney is scheduled to get the same treatment that Porras endured. Only this time I’m aiming to add another 50% onto my game – and that’s a frightening proposition for any boxer.

“Barney had better not bother bringing his running shoes to this fight. It’ll be a waste of time.

“Nottingham is my house and this fight is on my terms. I’m not going to give him a chance to run and he won’t have time to spoil this fight.”

Froch continued.

“I’m going to put so much heat on him, he won’t know what’s hit him. I won’t just take him out of the fight- I’ll take him out of the game. It’ll make for beautiful viewing.

“He’s getting a single, express ticket to Row Z.

“It’s my first Saturday night at the Nottingham Arena- so I’ll be expecting a big crowd. It’s going to be a homecoming-of-sorts since my American debut win over Porras last month. I want to put on a show for my fans.”