Zab Judah puts his titles on the line against the IBF No. 1 mandatory challenger Cosme “Chino” Rivera this Saturday at the MGM Grand and as part of the domestic HBO Pay-Per-View telecast along with the main event of Felix Trinidad vs. Winky Wright.

Do you have any concerns about your opponent, Cosme Rivera?

Zab Judah: “No, he should be concerned for himself. He is the one with seven losses. He put himself in this position to become Hercules. Those guys that he has fought aren’t like me. He has to watch out for what he is asking for. He is going to be asking his guys after the fight Saturday night: Why did you guys do this to me? Why didn’t you protect me?

“I am honored to be mentioned together with Cotto, but I would destroy that dude if he moved up to 147. He doesn’t have the experience to be in there with me. When I was 18, I couldn’t get in the ring with Oscar De La Hoya or Pernell Whitaker.

“I love Tito. That’s my boy. It is hard for me to pick between them because I like Winky too. Winky is a tough southpaw and he has mastered his style and art of boxing. Tito has the art of knocking you out. All I know is I am going to take care of my business fast and then find my seat. I love this matchup as a boxer and a boxing fan.

“Tito is an elite fighter. There is nothing new under the sun to shock him. He has seen all kinds of styles.  That is why he is such a great fighter. I give it up to him. I can see Winky boxing Tito’s ears off for 12 rounds and taking a decision, but if he gets cocky, Winky will be kissing the floor.

“De La Hoya doesn’t want to fight me. He said he is going to come back to the welterweight division and become the undisputed champion. Oscar is doing a great thing. He is looking for something. I think he was looking for Cory Spinks but now that I am the champion, let’s wait and see. I haven’t heard him talking about fighting welterweights again since I won the title. After I take care of Cosme, then I will pursue De La Hoya to see if we can get it on.

“I’ve come full circle since the Kostya Tszyu fight here in November of 2001. This is the first time I have been in this arena [MGM Grand Garden Arena] since that night. I am finally going to put this behind me and show the world that I will continue to be the undisputed welterweight champion of the world.”