Suspended heavyweight Joe Mesi was advised to stop boxing at a Medical Advisory Board hearing in Nevada on Monday. The Nevada Athletic Medical Advisory Board voted unanimously not to lift a medical suspension currently imposed on the Buffalo-based heavyweight.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission will consider the recommendation next month and decide whether to allow Joe Mesi to return to boxing.

Mesi has not fought since suffering bleeding on the brain during a win over Vassiliy Jirov over a year ago.

The Associated Press reported that during the hearing it was alleged that Mesi might have had up to three subdural hematomas: two during the ten round slugfest with Vassiliy Jirov in March, 2004, and another when he tried to lift some furniture a few weeks later.

Dr. Robert Cantu testified on behalf of Joe Mesi, saying Mesi suffered only a small amount of bleeding on the brain. Though Dr. Cantu did concede that “subdural bleeding is nothing to be taken lightly,” the neurosurgeon concluded that Joe Mesi was at no greater risk to suffer another subdural hematoma in the future than he had been prior to facing Jirov.

Joe Mesi’s boxing career appears to now hang in the balance as the possibility of a lifetime ban by the Nevada State Athletic Commission remains a possibility after Monday’s Medical Advisory Board hearing.