Vitali Klitschko Names Son After Max Schmeling
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WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko poses with his newborn son Max. The third child of Vitali and Natalie Klitschko was born April 1 in Los Angeles and was named after the late Max Schmeling.

The future heavyweight champion of the world weighed a little more than nine pounds and was about 22 inches tall.

“Max Schmeling was my idol and one of the greatest human beings I will ever meet in my life,” Vitali said. “This was our way of paying homage to him, not just for what he did as a boxer, but for his many outstanding accomplishments outside the ring.

“I cannot wait until he gets older to tell Max what a great humanitarian and person Max Schmeling was.

“To have three healthy children is such a blessing.''

Vitali and Natalie's other children, five-year-old Igor-Daniel and two-year-old Elizabeth, were also born in Los Angeles.