AUCKLAND, New Zealand (March 23, 2005) – Justice Williams of the New Zealand High Court issued a ruling today which scored a knockdown against David Tua and his new management team (Inga Tuigamala, Jennie Grant and Robina Tua, Tuaman’s wife).

Martin Pugh and Kevin Barry made an Application for an Injunction on Monday, March 21, 2005, to the High Court to cause all the Gross Income that was rightfully due under the Exclusive Management Agreement to be paid into the Court Appointed Accountants Trust Fund. Justice Williams, after reviewing Pugh and Barry's evidence, advised David Tua and his counsel that he would hear the Injunction Application on Thursday, March 24, 2005, even though it's his day off (due to the court’s closure for the public holidays).

Justice Williams today granted an order in favor of Pugh and Barry's application that would see the Gross Income entitlement from the fight revenue for David Tua's scheduled March 31, 2005 fight against Talmadge Griffis paid directly into the court appointed accountant’s trust account. The Judge has allowed from Pugh and Barry's application request that all legitimate expenses in regards to the promotion be paid, so that the scheduled March 31 bout would not be compromised.

Martin Pugh said that this was one of the orders they had sought. “We want the show to go on and we want David Tua to fight. Kevin and I have two years left on our management contract and we will enforce that term so everyone gets paid what they are rightfully owed. This is what the whole case is about.”

“This is not a trial about public popularity; it’s about the law in this country being adhered to. And if David Tua and his new management team think that they can get away with village law mentality then they are mistaken.” Pugh said. “Look, we have always known that in the end the truth will set us free, regardless of the wrongful besmirching by certain newspapers of Kevin and my good names in the boxing industry worldwide.”

Pugh said, “It is simple. You can go around talking the talk as much as you want, but in the end you have to be honest with yourself and step up and actually provide the evidence under scrutiny to support your claim . . . I personally think David Tua is out of his depth and is being led by the greed of what I now refer to as the ‘scorned women syndrome.’”

Then Pugh added, “David needs to wake up and see that his new team around him is leading him down a road of self destruction, and that is sad.”