(Louisville, KY) — Greg Page, 46, former WBA Heavyweight Champion, from Louisville, Kentucky, was admitted to Jewish Hospital on Sunday, February 20, 2005 with pneumonia and other complications. He is in the intensive care unit at Jewish Hospital on a ventilator to help him rest comfortably, and his condition remains serious.

Page was injured in a boxing match on March 9, 2001, where he sustained a traumatic brain injury. He spent 12-weeks as an inpatient at Jewish Hospital’s Frazier Rehab Institute and has continued to participate in outpatient physical therapy since.

Patricia Page has released the following statement:

”Greg was moved into the intensive care unit on Thursday, after he suffered a seizure. He is currently on life support to help his breathing. He was stabilized over the weekend, but on Monday morning fluid built back up in his lungs. He asked to be placed back on the ventilator, as he was afraid of going into respiratory arrest. Our family would like to ask everyone to keep Greg in their thoughts and prayers. We ask that you continue to honor our privacy during this difficult time. We will keep you updated as changes occur.”

Phone calls—requests for information should go to the Jewish Hospital Public Relations Department at 587-4230. No interviews will be given at this time.