Former lightweight boxing champ, Paul Spadafora was sentenced Wednesday to up to five years in prison. Spadafora was sentenced for shooting his fiancee after a driving incident in which two tires of Spadafora's Hummer were flattened.

However, Spadafora could be headed for a six-month stint in boot camp, as Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Manning granted Spadafora's plea for mercy, saying he would recommend that the state Department of Corrections place the former International Boxing Federation lightweight champion in its remote boot camp in Pennsylvania.

As reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, if the corrections department accepts Spadafora for boot camp, he would serve six months there, followed by three months in a community corrections program.

Speaking to the court, Spadafora said, “I'm very sorry.”

Spadafora went on to tell the court, “I'm asking you for a little bit of a chance. I'll make you so proud. I'll make this whole city proud.”

Spadafora has admitted to having an alcohol abuse problem.

“Really, it's beating alcohol abuse, it's not about career plans at this point,” promoter Michael Acri said.

However, boot camp would presumably expedite the oppourtunity for Spadafora to resurrect his boxing career and make a living for his family, as most of his boxing earnings have allegedly been spent.