Hector Roca is a longtime boxing trainer and he recently trained Oscar-winning actor Hilary Swank for her role as boxer Maggie Fitzgerald in the film “Million Dollar Baby.”

Swank, who previously won an Oscar in “Boys Don't Cry,” has been nominated again for her portrayal of Fitzgerald. The film has been nominated for seven Oscars, including, “Best Picture.”

Home Gym: Gleason's, Brooklyn, New York

Champions Trained: Buddy McGirt, Arturo Gatti, Regilio Tuur, Iran Barkley

Training Philosophy: “I show the fighter the basics first. I show the fighter how to work the four corners of the ring. How to defend himself and last, how to throw punches. Once they start throwing punches first, they don't want to move. All they want to do is punch. I concentrate on defense first. The defense gives you the offense.”

Most memorable fight: “Arturo Gatti vs. Wilson Rodriguez. That was an amazing fight, one that people don't forget. Arturo couldn't see nothing. He told me, I can only see shadows. He said, I have to touch him to know he's there. And that's what happened. I'm very proud of Arturo, all the time, no matter how hurt, he tried to win the fight.”