Boxing fans are looking forward to Kassim Ouma vs. Kofi Jantuah in a big way. writers tell you what they think is going to happen.

I favor Ouma.
Mitch Abramson

Ouma by late-round TKO. Ouma's got too much going for him in this one.
Steve Argeris

I think Ouma is more battletested (in the ring, of course) than Jantuah and that will allow him to survive Jantuah's power punches and retain his title by decision.
Bobby Cassidy

In my opinion, the winner of this fight should be declared THE Champ @ 154. No disrespect to Winky, but it's quite obvious that he has no intentions of ever fighting Ouma. He's paid his dues and, in now looking for big fights, hit the jackpot w/ Tito in May. Win, lose or draw, there won't ever be enough money for him to want to face either Kassim or Kofi, both of whom represent a modest reward and ridiculously high risk. Onto the fight . . . This is another bout where many are looking for a changing of the guard to occur. Kofi has the power and starts off fast enough to make things interesting in a hurry. That could be potentially disastrous for Kassim, who has been known to struggle coming out the gate. In order for Kassim to win, he either has to correct that flaw, or simply survive the early barrage, and find a way to extend the fight, as his greatest asset is his never-ending work rate and penchant for getting stronger as the fight goes on. Kassim has been fighting for survival his whole life, and my guess is that he finds a way here to survive Kofi's early assault and outworks him over the second half to earn a decision. Ouma by unanimous decision.
Jake Donovan

Ouma has been to hell and back and he’s still on a wild ride. Although Jantuah’s power is something to be reckoned with, Ouma will not be stopped as something as lethal as mere punches – not now, not yet, not by Jantuah. He outboxes Jantuah to take the decision.
Robert Ecksel

I see Ouma winning a tough fight against Jantuah by close decision. Ouma seems to get better with each fight.
Rick Folstad

Who’s going to win? All of us – this one could be a real tear up. At least, here’s hoping. It’s Jantuah’s power against Ouma’s volume punching. At times Ouma has appeared easy to hit and if he exposes his chin in this one he will be playing with fire. But Ouma’s ability to remain calm whilst in the eye of the storm should carry him to a decision victory, or possibly even a late stoppage.
Chris Gielty

A grueling battle for the pride of Africa. The talented Kassim Ouma will lose his IBF junior middleweight championship to the tough Kofi Jantuah – succumbing to Jantuah's power late, in a hard-fought contest. Jantuah KO 10th-12th round.
Mike Indri

Ouma can take a big shot and keep on punching and yet he’s shown a propensity for making hard fights easy and easy fights hard; at least he used to. Jantuah loves to stalk and let his hands fly with high voltage in everything that lands. He’s looking for a major stoppage to vault him into the big time and he’s hungry! Can Ouma box him and then still raise his level of mid-fight intensity and concentration? That, to me, will define the fight. I still like Ouma in this clash of world-class Africans. Ouma UD12 Jantuah.
Patrick Kehoe

Ouma is probably the better boxer, and he hasn’t been stopped in six years by anybody who wasn’t using a gun, but we keep remembering that left hook with which Jantuah flattened Marco Antonio Rubio in Vegas last fall. Jantuah by KO.
George Kimball

I believe this has fight of the year possibilities. Jantuah is a big banger. Ouma is an offensive machine, but does get hit. Jantuah starts off very aggressively, trying to end things early. Ouma is a bit more cautious than usual, respecting his foe’s power. By the 4th, Ouma is back to his old self and mixing it up, throwing 100 punches a round. In the middle innings, the champ gets decked by a Jantuah right. He gets up on unsteady legs but manages to survive the round. Ouma comes back strong like nothing happened in the next frame and puts a pasting on a now punched out Jantuah. Ouma has Jantuah reeling but can’t put him away as the fight draws to a close. Ouma retains his title by a close but unanimous decision.
Marc Lichtenfeld

Both are aggressive and can punch. A sturdy chin is paramount in this fight, and most likely the fighter who can catch better will come out on top. Ouma has shown a very good chin up to this point, but Jantuah's power will provide the ultimate test. Since I've seen Jantuah stopped, I have to go with Ouma. Fighters who have never been stopped believe they can't be stopped, at least until it happens. That will be huge in this fight. Based on nothing more than Ouma's more proven chin, I like him to win by stoppage.
Frank Lotierzo

Can see both getting knocked down. Can see either one winning. Ouma's polish gets him through in an extremely close decision.
David Mayo

Another gem that could go either way. Ouma's personal story is so compelling it is hard to root against him. But Jantuah is no joke and there seems to be a Ugandan jinx with highly touted prospects such as Joseph Kiwanuka and Godfrey Nyakana. This is going to be Jantuah's coming-out party, with him scoring a late round TKO.
Robert Mladinich

When two guys are fighting with names you cannot pronounce, always go with the one with the bigger punch against the one that starts slowly, or, flip a coin. The underdog Jantuah by decision.
Pat Putnam

Kassim Ouma vs. Kofi Jantuah is going to be a train wreck of a fight. Kofi, who hasn’t won by decision since July 1999, going 10-1 (10 KOs), is going to take this one to the powerful Ouma and pay dearly for his impetuousness. Kassim is no Leon Pearson, Anthony Bowman or Marco Antonio Rubio (who has been ruined by his KO to Vargas, IMO), and will send Jantuah vertical in round two after some great fireworks in the opening round.
Scott Yaniga