Boxing's former heavyweight kingpin, Lennox Lewis has told the Sunday Mirror he has been offered £21m to fight “later this year.”

Lewis has admitted that the offer of such an enormous sum is going to be hard to turn down.

The Mirror quotes Lewis as saying, “I'm making a comeback later this year. The money is up to £21million right now and I simply can't turn that much cash down.”

It should be noted that Lewis' advisor, Jerome Anderson has thus far refused to confirm Lewis is set to make a return to boxing.

Lewis also told the Mirror, “I've had to listen to a lot of rubbish from Klitschko and he is starting to get on my nerves.”

Bernd Boente, manager of WBC heavyweight champion, Vitali Klitschko, told BBC Five Live, “I have talked to Vitali and he's happy to go.”

Lewis' last fight was against Klitschko, the fight ending after Lewis opened up a series of bad cuts on Klitschko's face. As Klitschko was narrowly ahead on the scorecards at the time, debate ensued as to who would have emerged heavyweight champion had the ring doctor not stopped the fight.

With heavyweight boxing in such a state of atrophy at present, it may be that it will take a Lewis-Klitschko rematch to revive the moribund division.