Jake Donovan tries to keep up his impressive boxing predictions record with a look at  this weekend's fights.

Friday, January 21 – ESPN

Juan Diaz – Billy Irwin
The obvious choice seems to be Diaz by decision. Juan is not a noted puncher, and Irwin has never been stopped in his lengthy career. But, my gut tells me that this one doesn't follow the script. Juan will step it up considerably, and through workrate and attrition, will become the first to stop Irwin. Diaz TKO10

Calvin Brock – Clifford Ettiene
Brock by decision. I really have no desire to analyze this fight any further than that.

Saturday, January 22 – HBO

Samuel Peter – Yanqui Diaz
Obviously, HBO is hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with this one. Peter is coming off what was argubly the Knockout of the Year in 2004, having knocked Jeremy Williams out cold on the December 4 Showtime card in Vegas. Diaz is coming off one of the year's biggest upsets, having stopped previously unbeaten Juan Carlos Gomez inside of one on a Telefutura telecast. My guess, is that HBO will have suffered a huge letdown when all is said and done in this one. I can see it starting out as a pier six brawl, and then trickling down to a clumsy, sloppy… well, a typical 21st Century heavyweight fight. The fight will end with Peter boxing to win, and Diaz boxing to survive. Peter by unanimous decision.

Floyd Mayweather – Henry Bruseles (MAIN EVENT)
The fight that apparently nobody wants to see. Not sure why; with the exception of the Castillo rematch, it's been a while since Floyd has been involved in a stinker, and Bruseles has been involved in his share of gems, including his all-action war with Wilfredo Negron last February on Telefutura. Most will insist that with the fight being a mismatch (on paper) and Floyd being too good to face “someone like Bruseles”, I say kick back and enjoy a fun fight while Floyd waits for Gatti to finally give him a title shot. With that on the line, look for Floyd to leave 'em entertained, and Bruseles offering a spirited performace, but never coming close to seeing the final bell. Floyd TKO7.