Just weeks ago, three-time title challenger Robert Allen withdrew from a scheduled February 4th bout with Syd Vanderpool, 35-3, leaving the IBF 6th ranked super middleweight without a fight.

“Preparation for my next fight has been put on hold,” said the 32-year old Vanderpool, “until a new date in March is finalized.”

Vanderpool remains optimistic that another big showdown can happen and would love it to be none other than fellow Canadian and former champ Eric Lucas.

“One of the match ups that I think can happen now is me versus Eric Lucas. Lucas previously stated that the reason he never fought me was because of his promoters' reluctance to make the fight happen,” said Vanderpool. “Without a doubt, the winner of this fight would be worthy of a title shot against any of the current champions.”

Vanderpool concluded saying, “now that Lucas is his own promoter, he can make his own opportunity to try and prove the fight fans wrong. I know I would in a heartbeat.”