Heavyweight David Tua has admitted that his weight ballooned last year while his boxing career was on hold due to an acrimonious dispute with former managers Kevin Barry and Martin Pugh.

David Tua is scheduled to face journeyman boxer Talmadge Griffis in Auckland on March 31 in his return to heavyweight boxing.

Though he has shed significant pounds recently, Tua has admitted his weight is currently still close to 265 lbs. as he plots his ring return in anticipation of one last charge at a heavyweight title.

The New Zealand Sunday Star-Times has reported that Tua recently put out feelers to a top US-based trainer, but was turned down. The former heavyweight title challenger has, as a result, had to rely on a local fitness conditioning coach and has been sparring against his brothers in the leadup to his return to the ring in late March.

“There is a lot of work left before I am back to what I was before, but the important thing for me now is to feel good on March 31 in whatever shape I can get myself into,” said Tua. “I have been away for a long time and I'm ready.”