Fan Fight Predictions Poll from Oscar De La Hoya's Hometown

Leaving no stone unturned, has visited Montebello Town Center (Oscar De La Hoya’s home town) on the day of the big fight to get fight fans' predictions on how the De La Hoya-Hopkins bout will go.

Here is what we found out:

Males:    84%
Females:   9%
Not Stated:   7%
< 18: 6%
19-25: 40%
26-34: 15%
> 35: 33%
Not Stated:  6%

Will you be watching the fight tonight?
Yes   84%
No   16%

Who will you be rooting for?
De La Hoya   71%
Hopkins   22%
Don't Care:  7%

Who do you think will win?
De La Hoya   47%
Hopkins   47%
Dont Care   6%

Thee fight will end in:
Decision   58%
by KO   36+%
Draw   2%
Don't Know 4%