Bantamweight Jose “Miau” Nieves is doing his part to maintain the recent resurgence of hot young Puerto Rican prospects. Fresh off an 8-round dismantling of veteran Alberto Ontiveros on ESPN, the slick punching southpaw has shown cat-like reflexes and a killer instinct in the ring.

Undefeated after 11 professional fights, Nieves has knocked out 8 opponents and shown amazing reflexes and a style that resembles a cat stalking its prey. His nickname, “Miau” is Spanish for “meow” and suits him well.

Against the experienced Ontiveros, now 19-10-5 with 17 KO’s, Nieves played with the veteran at will. Showcasing incredible hand speed, footwork and power, Nieves would routinely back Ontiveros up with power shots then step back to leave the heavy handed Mexican swinging at air. Nieves used angles and fancy feet to side-tep danger and leave “The Assassin” Ontiveros off-balance and alone wondering “which way did he go?”

Early in the bout it became clear that it was merely a matter of time before young Jose took his opponent out of a fight that he was never in. After posting punch stat numbers that were so one-sided they rightfully painted the picture of a blowout, Ontiveros took it upon himself to stop the abuse. In the eighth round a devastating combination sent Ontiveros across the ring and into the ropes, it was all that kept his frame afloat. His body had been beaten and now his will taken, the fighter who had twice gone the distance with Eric Morel and lasted nine heats with Mauricio Pastrana called an end to the carnage. In the fateful eighth, Ontiveros was out-landed 50-3, which was a fitting culmination to the kind of one-sided beating it was.

With the “statement” win, the Boricua from Manati joins a list of hot young Puerto Ricans making their mark at the elite level of the sport. Nieves looks set to join the likes of Miguel Angel Cotto, Eric Morel, Kermit Cintron and the ‘other’ Miguel Cotto – Jose Miguel – as the island invasion continues.

Native son Miguel Angel Cotto is a top-5 undefeated 20-0 light welterweight. Jose Miguel Cotto is also an undefeated 24-0 140-pounder. Kermit Cintron is the NABF and WBO Interim welterweight champion with a pro record of 24-0. Super Flyweight Eric Morel is the WBO and NABO gatekeeper with just one blemish on his 34-1 career mark.

The recent crop of talent from Puerto Rico has been bolstered by the talented Jose Nieves. These five fine fighters range in age from 23 to 28 years of age and all look capable, or have already demonstrated that they are of champion caliber.

It seems just a matter of time before Jose ‘Miau’ Nieves claws his way to the top of the 118-pound litter. A speedy youngster with power and slick reflexes that comes at you from a southpaw stance spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e for any opponent. For Nieves those same attributes will spell c-h-a-m-p-i-o-n some day spoon, regardless of which alphabet belt it is.