Deon Potgieter speaks with former WBO and WBU heavyweight world champion Corrie Sanders.

DP: You were once matched to fight Danny Williams when he was still considered a possible future star in the UK – it never happened – how do you see the Tyson fight going?

CS: Tyson will make quick work of him. Williams is nothing special. I can’t see him giving Tyson any problems.

DP: Would you be interested in getting involved in Tyson’s comeback?

CS: I would definitely want to fight him. He’s one of the only big names around. If an offer were put on the table I’d consider it.

DP: Could you beat Tyson?

CS: I have no doubt in my mind. I would beat Tyson. He’s still a very dangerous opponent, but he’s not what he once was and I am convinced I would beat him.

DP: Now that some time has passed – how do you feel about the Vitali Klitscko fight?

CS: Personally I think I did well; I just fought the wrong fight. I was impatient after I caught him in the 3rd round and just wanted to stop him. He was incredible awkward to hit. I battled with his height and was very frustrated by his style. My frustration led to me abandoning my own style and I allowed him to dictate the fight. I’ve learned from my mistake however and given the opportunity of a rematch, I know now how to beat him.

DP: What you did prove is that you do belong in the upper echelon of current heavyweights.

CS: I’m very happy that I got the opportunity to show that I am one of the top heavyweights in the world. Since then there’s been a lot of interest coming my way from promoters and television networks and the likes and it’s clear they see me as one of the big guns in the division.

DP: At 38, are you frustrated by the fact that you were only given a chance so late in your career?

CS: Definitely. Had I been 6 years younger when I fought Vitali it would have been a different story. It doesn’t matter what people say, age is a factor. Look at Evander Holyfield, he’s maintained his conditioning and is always fit, but he’s no longer a threat because of his age. I feel strongly that my former promoter Rodney Berman held me back. I don’t know why, but I know I was kept from achieving all that I could have.

DP: Following the Vitali fight, it was said that you are retiring and as a result you were dropped from the world ratings. Are you retired?

CS: No. I’m still active. There was talk of me stopping, but I am definitely not retired. There has also been talk of a possible rematch with Vitali.

DP: So if the WBC wants to put you back in their ratings, you’d be happy.

CS: Yes. When I fought for the WBC heavyweight world title I saw why they are regarded as the most respected sanctioning body. Everything was so well organised. It was a great moment fighting for their title and I would love to do it again.

DP: Being a scratch golfer, how has your game been going?

CS: I haven’t been playing much golf lately. I’m focused on continuing my boxing career and am also involved in my game farm a lot.