Once again the return of Mike Tyson is dominating the talk of the Boxing World. It's been 17 months since Tyson has fought and over 25 months since he faced a World-class fighter. It's hard to ignore all the news and the new attitude coming out of the Tyson camp. Tyson has been saying all the right things lately, something he has done many times before. However, it seems due to his financial duress, many, including myself, believe that we'll see the best of whatever he has left as a fighter this time.

But enough Tyson for the moment, the Internet and newspapers along with ESPN will be wall-to-wall Tyson next week. This coming weekend we have the Junior Welterweight version of Matthew Saad Muhammad, Arturo Gatti, fighting No 1 contender Leonard Dorin. I hate to look ahead and past Dorin, but I can't help but think of what possible fight may be on the horizon for Gatti if he beats Dorin. The fight I'm talking about is a potential clash with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Over the last couple month's Gatti and Mayweather have been trading verbal insults. In fact Mayweather has gone as far as saying that Gatti has avoided him. Which we know is just talk to try and hype a potential fight between them. I doubt that Gatti would back down from Vitali Klitschko or Ken Shamrock. Personally, I doubt Gatti sweats size or skill, he is a true fighter down to the core. Gatti has kept pace with Mayweather saying that he would love to test Mayweather's heart and chin. No doubt Arturo knows that Floyd's heart and chin have already been tested, and they both passed the test.

A Mayweather-Gatti matchup would be a great fight for Boxing fans. Most probably think that Mayweather would destroy Gatti and that it wouldn't be much of a fight. And when you look at it skill-wise, Mayweather is head and shoulders above Gatti, and just about every other active fighter . That being said, I still think it would be an intriguing fight. In Mayweather you have one of the top three skilled Boxers in the World. On top of that Floyd is tough and is definitely not afraid to trade and mix it up. Add Gatti, the most exciting fighter around today, and I believe you have an explosive bout.

What Gatti lacks in skill versus Mayweather is obvious, but he does bring some things into the ring that might make it interesting, and not just exciting. Gatti is super-tough along with having an outstanding chin. On top of that, Mayweather is not a great puncher at 140. Gatti's heart and courage are above reproach, and he will fight until the end regardless of the situation he's confronted with in the ring.

 Another thing that may help Gatti hang in there with Mayweather is his size. Gatti is naturally the bigger guy. He is capable of being a Light Heavyweight by the time they get in the ring on fight night. No doubt Gatti would try and brawl with Mayweather in hopes of offsetting Mayweather's speed and skill. And you know what, I can see Floyd fighting Gatti and trying to beat him at his own game.

A Mayweather-Gatti fight would be very exciting and entertaining as long as it lasted. It would be another good test for Mayweather as he moves up in weight. A fight with Mayweather would probably provide Gatti with the biggest payday of his career, excluding his fight versus Oscar De La Hoya a few years ago. And if there is one fighter who deserves a huge payday, it's Arturo Gatti. I doubt there is one Boxing fan alive who would begrudge Gatti being paid a pile of money so high that you could hurt yourself jumping off it. Gatti has given his all every time out, he deserves all he can get.

And lastly, it's a fight that fight fans would love to see. Sounds like a win-win to me.