Question: Ricardo, what is your reaction to people who say you were lucky to beat Forrest? Mayorga: This is a message to all the reporters, fans and trainers who are thinking I cannot beat Forrest. I will put $100,000 on the table against anyone who does not think I can knock out Forrest. All I can say is, “I Accept”. Dear Ricardo, Now about this wager thing, it shouldn't be too much of a problem because we both know many people in the fight game and a lot of the same people in Costa Rica. I've lived in Costa Rica for over five years now. Actually, part of what I do is handicap fights for a living. This recent IBOP stint is more of a diversion and a way for me to enhance my reputation. While in Costa Rica, I've attended all the prize fights. And I've seen you fight many, many times. I've seen you struggle with the most ordinary of opponents and I don't believe you're going to catch lightning in a bottle twice in your lifetime. In fact, if Aranda (a good Costa Rican fighter) came back, he would still give you fits. For those of you that don't know, that was Ricardo's first loss. Actually, I still have an outstanding wager that if you and Aranda were to fight a second time, Aranda would stop you again…because it's all a matter of styles. OK Ricky, let's recap so there's no misunderstanding. I get the best welterweight in the world (Vernon Forrest). You must win the fight by KO or TKO. I put up $100,000 in cash, and you do the same. If I win, I enhance my reputation as a handicapper, along with my bank account. If you win, you enhance your reputation, gain my respect (along with that of the rest of the boxing world) and enhance your bank account. Ricky, you proposed the challenge. On behalf of the boxing community who don't like smack talkers who try to denigrate a classy former/soon to be reigning world champion, I accept. And if you have second thoughts, no problem… I understand.

However, if you are sincere, and are hoping to increase your net worth in addition to the publicity this will bring you (not to mention, me), then I'm your man. You can contact me at And no hard feelings as to the outcome, we're both grown men. Sincerely Yours, Anthony Tambarella For those of you who follow my selections: Vernon Forrest in a ridiculously easy 12 round decision.