In an Opinion piece written by Joe Mesi in the Buffalo News, Mesi vows to return to boxing – sooner rather than later.

Mesi insists that many of the post-fight reports that circulated about the injury he incurred in his bout with Vassiliy Jirov were not accurate.

“A lot of people reported on ‘secret’ information about the injury I suffered in the Jirov fight, and those reports were far more hurtful than any punches I took inside the ring in my climb to the number one ranking.”

Mesi reports that leading neurologist, Dr. Robert Cantu, has declared the heavyweight boxer medically sound and ready to return to the ring.

Dr. Cantu has reportedly concluded that the subdural hematoma Mesi suffered during the Jirov bout left no permanent residual damage and that the vein that bled has dissolved and no longer exists. In fact, Dr. Cantu, according to Mesi, has concluded that the Buffalo heavyweight would be at no greater risk than any other boxer were he to return to the ring.

Mesi hopes to meet the Nevada State Athletic Commission to review his status next month, at which time he hopes his suspension will be lifted.