What a difference an Administration with energy, insight, and knowledge of boxing can make.

Ron Scott Stevens, Chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission, is leading by example. He believes that boxing, like any business, can only succeed when all parties are working together. It starts from within his Commission staff; each having individual responsibilities, yet working cohesively as a team. Stevens has a high opinion of his co-workers. As Chairman, he meets with fellow Commissioners Jerome Becker and Marc Cornstein monthly to discuss issues relevant to operations of the Commission.

NYSAC is creating an atmosphere whereby a healthy climate has been created with the Promoters and Managers doing business in New York State. Credit Stevens who makes it clear to the parties concerned that Promoters are not banking institutions with endless cash, but rather like any business they are operating within set budget restraints. Presently there are approximately fifteen (15) Promoters working within the state. Don King Productions, DiBella Entertainment, Sal Musumeci’s Final Forum, Resnick Productions, Walter Lambert’s Northeast Promotions, and Joe De Guardia’s Star Boxing are but a few.

Training seminars are conducted on a regular basis for Officials (Referees, Judges, Ringside Physicians, Deputy Commissioners and Inspectors), in addition to sessions for Promoters, Managers, and Seconds. At these sessions the latest pertinent information is disseminated, as well as a clear statement made that compliance with the Rules and Regulations will be closely monitored. These meetings result in all parties having input, as well as making suggestions as to improvement in the system. These rap sessions have been well received by all concerned.

Safety of the boxer, as well as the integrity of the Commission, is first and foremost with Chairman Stevens. Barry Jordan, M.D., a renowned neurologist, is Medical Director and keeps a close watch on each participant as well as overseeing the testing and fitness of each boxer. New York under Dr. Jordan is known for having strict medical requirements, all to the benefit of the boxers.

The Commission’s Ring Officials (Judges and Referees) are primarily from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Stevens has the highest confidence in the integrity and competence of his Officials. As he says, “If I didn’t, they wouldn’t be here”

Hugo Spindola, General Counsel and Executive Deputy Commissioner, is responsible for compliance with Commission regulations by all licensees. The Chairman has stated that Spindola has been extremely effective in his oversight duties. Ralph Petrillo, Director of Boxing, having excelled in his duties is being recognized by the American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians (AAPRP) as the 2004 Administrator of the Year. Robert Limerick, Secretary to the Commission, is charged with the training of all staff members and, according to Stevens, his knowledge of administrative matters has been invaluable.en it has been in a long time. An increase of approximately thirty (30) percent in the number of boxing shows this year is a realistic estimate. This is viewed by many of the New York boxing fans as a breath of fresh air.