Phillip Ndou, who gave Floyd Mayweather Jr all he could handle in November of last year, has been forced to retire from boxing due to a brain injury, allegedly suffered after his split decision loss to Isaac Hlatshwayo in May. To continue fighting would risk serious, long term brain injury for Ndou.

Speaking to SABC News,

Nick Durandt — Ndou's trainer — said, “My man had a problem on his brain. The scan revealed that when we went for a medical test as we were preparing for the IBO lightweight title against Jason Moon in England. The fight was to be in London on November 5.”

Despite reports that it was brain injuries suffered after his loss to Hlatshwayo that forced Ndou to make the decision to retire, Durandt denies this claim.

“Look, no money in the world can buy a person's life and that is why we chose this way out,” said Durandt. “The damage was not caused by the two losses against Floyd Mayweather and Isaac Hlatshwayo as some people might think .”

Regardless, a promising career ends prematurely, as Phillip Ndou retires with a record of 31-3 (30).