Let's move on… Tito's sensational win over Ricardo Mayorga has been entered into the boxing record books. There may have been a little more added excitement then was anticipated. In short, it was great fight. Still it went pretty much the way most people thought it would. Just like the Hopkins-DeLaHoya affair. It was the opinion of most that after those two fights the two men left standing would be Hopkins and Tito. Of course it is now expected for these two to sign a contract to meet in a much anticipated rematch. This may very well take place. Nevertheless there is another big fight coming up that may have some bearing on the current situation.

On November 20th Winky Wright meets Sugar Shane Mosley in a rematch. Wright upset Shane to take his W.B.A 154 pound title and now the proud Mosley wants it back. If Hopkins-Trinidad II can not be made for any reason, it is possible that the winner of Wright-Mosley II will be in a position to fight either Bernard or Trinidad. Who do I pick in the Wright-Mosley rematch ? To answer that I would like to take a quote from an interview I had with former I.B.F. lightweight champion Harry Arroyo. Harry's view on his title losing bout to Kronkster Jimmy Paul. ” Jimmy Paul was a good fighter, not a great fighter. There are some styles of fighters that are made to lose to another fighter. Jimmy Paul's style was made to beat me. I think if I fought him ten times, Jimmy would win ten times. Not because he is a better fighter, but because of his style.”

To me Harry said it all. Winky totally shut down Mosley in their first meeting. I really do not see anything changing this time around. Winky's got Shane's number. It's all about the styles.