I think Andrew Golota has a very good chance of finally realizing his dream of becoming a world titleholder.

Based on his performance and his condition in the Byrd fight, I feel Golota is a good bet to dethrone John Ruiz.

Golota has the style and strength to offset the gritty but limited Ruiz. If Golota can establish his jab early and avoid the Ruiz overhand right counter, he should have little trouble.

If he keeps his punches up and his chin down. If he avoids a mauling inside battle. If he dictates the pace and picks when and where he wants to initiate the exchanges. I see the crowning of a new champion.

Finally the long, boring and tedious reign of John Ruiz will have come to an end. Or will it ?

This guy ( Ruiz ) just won't go away. He is not the strongest or the biggest heavyweight out there. He does not have the best whiskers. He is not fast and is not a big banger. He is not a very good boxer. He is not fast on his feet. He reminds no one of Muhammad Ali as he shuffles, I mean plods around the ring in pursuit of his opponent.

What John Ruiz does have is grit and determination. What John Ruiz does is win. How ? Who knows. Like Al Davis the owner of the Oakland Raiders preaches to his players ” Win baby, just win ! ” That is just what Ruiz has done for several years now. He has beaten Holyfield and Kirk Johnson. He was outboxed and outfoxed by Roy Jones and looked to be finished. Wrong !

Ruiz came back to upset Hasim Rahman to regain his crown. Then he beats Fres Oquendo to retain it. Go figure.

Golota could and should win. Maybe someone ought to tell John Ruiz that.