Through a hazy dust storm, Evander Holyfield and Larry Donald look down over the townspeople from their view on the side of the mountain. Envious at all the hustle and bustle in Heavyweightville, the two veterans recall days gone by when they used to roam comfortably amongst the common folk. Wherever he went, people would call Holyfield’s name, but those days have seemingly been swept past and deposited in the only safe in town, at Memory Bank.

Now both Holyfield and Donald are contemplating one last trek down the hill into the thick of things to see if they still have what it takes to roam with the younger people in town. And it seems there is only room for one. So on November 13th they will decide which one will get to continue on his heavyweight journey while the loser must leave town and downgrade his most recent heavyweight dreams to just a story for the kids of what could have been.

In the city center of Heavyweightville the local Sheriff Vitali Klitschko (WBC) runs a fairly tight ship since taking over the governing role from British rule. Deputies John Ruiz (WBA), Chris Byrd (IBF) and Lamon Brewster (WBO) round out his team of law enforcement. In a nutshell, these four individuals currently decide who gets into town and what goes on while there. Donald and Holyfield want back in.

“The Real Deal” Holyfield used to carry a heavy fist around town but now most folk just consider him a gentleman that once was feared and speak kindly of his glory day accomplishments. He still commands respect, yes sir, but only for what he has done historically, not what he is currently capable of. At 41-years of age, Holyfield has been denied entry past the city gates in six of the last eight times he has come knocking. Surely this is his last attempt should he not make it past Donald.

Larry Donald has always been the kind of guy to tell anyone who would listen of the great things which he is capable. However, his tales have always lost their flare and color when touching on the only opportunities Donald has ever had. Sheriff Klitschko chased Donald out of town when he last moseyed his way along that dusty road seeking riches. Prior to that setback, Kirk Johnson shut the door on Donald when Donald seemed to show up for their fight empty handed based on what little fire he shot back at Johnson.

“The Legend” in his own mind, Donald can either start a claim to justify that moniker, or fade into the night should he not beat Holyfield. With 37 years under his hat and 11 years hanging in and around town, Donald is down to his last bullet. Should he fail it will be nothing more than another round at the Cactus Bar and card playing days to pass the time for the rest of his years. With age comes wisdom, but in Heavyweightville it also comes with less speed and reduced firepower in the barrel.

Grand Marshall Don King will once again be bringing the event to us as he will use the veteran fighters to get the crowd filing in before the Deputies move in to guard their titles. Chris Byrd will challenge Jameel McCline and John Ruiz looks to hold down the fort against Andrew Golota in front of the New York crowd.

Five years ago a meeting between Holyfield and Donald may have sparked some legitimate interest. However, in this day and age when a fighter who ‘used to be’ takes on a boxer who ‘never was’ there isn’t much at stake beyond the maturation of false hopes and faded dreams.

Regardless of which of the two makes it to town, the stay will neither be long nor pleasant. The victor may gain an opportunity to find himself on the wrong side of a roughhouse ruckus, the loser seems to have no option other than to pack up and leave town . . . championship dreams in tow.