Let me just say right up front, I'm the biggest Mike Tyson critic on the planet Earth. I wholeheartedly believe he is the most over-rated heavyweight champion in boxing history. However, he is without question the most brilliantly managed fighter ever. Never has one fighter got so much mileage and praise off of one fight. Some felt Tyson was on his way to being the greatest heavyweight champ ever after beating Michael Spinks, a true light heavyweight at the end of his career. It reminds me of Joe Namath after leading the Jets past the Colts in Super Bowl III, Namath never beat a team with a winning record again for the rest of his career, which lasted eight more seasons.

In my opinion, Tyson has fooled boxing fans his entire career. All they wanted to see was him knock somebody out. It didn't matter if it was a light heavyweight or an old come backing heavyweight champion, or a fighter who hadn't won once in his previous ten fights. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if his fans would find a reason to brag if he knocked out Lalia Ali. That being said, I separate the man and the fighter.

This past weekend Tyson was arrested for assault. Without anyone even inquiring about what actually happened, he's already being convicted by the mainstream media and press as a thug, a bully, and a trouble maker. I find fault with that. I don't care about his rape conviction. Personally, I'm not sure he raped Desiree Washington, I wasn't there and neither were you. I know that he had a terrible attorney in Vincent Fuller who was a litigation attorney and never tried one single case before representing Tyson in his rape trial. I do know this, Tyson wasn't represented well and his reputation didn't help him. I also know Mike Tyson is an easy target. I've been around him enough times to see how sometimes when he is minding his own business he gets harassed by fans and some that don't like him.

The problem with Tyson is, some idiots, men and women see him as an easy target to make money. They figure that because of his reputation that maybe they can drag him into court and win over a jury to award them a big cash settlement. They feel the jury will surmise that, it's Mike Tyson, he must have done what they accuse him of, he's guilty!

In regard to this weekend, I've seen where some have said, “what's he doing out at 5:00 O'clock in the morning”? That's another thing I have a problem with, he has every right to be out at any hour of the day just as much as anyone else does. And just like anyone else, he has the right to defend himself. Why should he have to let people act as if they are going to shoot him or hit him with a pipe or pole or any other type of weapon? He shouldn't have to just as we don't have to. Would anyone who's reading this not defend themselves if they were in the same situation that's he's been forced into at different times. I know you guys wouldn't, I've read some of your comments regarding my thoughts on Tyson the fighter. I believe some of you guys are genuine tough-guys and wouldn't take it, I know I wouldn't. I also believe that a majority of you are not immature or stupid enough to go pick a fight with Mike Tyson without expecting to get your a– kicked, and you certainly wouldn't expect him to take it like some punk.

The bottom line is, these two imbeciles started with him hoping they could maybe sue him and get some money and notoriety. I hope it doesn't turn out to where they do. I believe they were looking to fleece him out of some money, or they wanted to act tough and go around telling their buddies that they fought Tyson and lived to tell about it.

Mike Tyson has every right in the world to defend himself against anybody who physically comes at him. Supposedly, one of the morons was acting as if he had a gun, even more a reason that Tyson should've given him a severe beating. I feel that anybody who wants to go after Tyson deserves what ever physical beating they get. And Tyson shouldn't be punished for defending himself, if that's what he did in this case, which I believe it was.

Writers Note

I'm not a Tyson hater, I can separate the man from the fighter. I respect him as a man and as a fighter. Tho I don't think he's one of the top ten greatest heavyweight champs ever, doesn't mean that I think he's a bum. I happen to feel he was a great fighter. I just believe he is way over-rated by many.