Can there be any doubt that we will see Jones-Holyfield sometime this year ? It may not be the biggest fight out there but it can be made, and it would still garner much media hype and fan interest. And yes it will be a PPV broadcast. When you've been around boxing long enough or have followed it faithfully enough you can see the handwriting on the wall months in advance. This is why you can bet on it, we'll see Jones- Holyfield.

Lets look at the reasons why starting with Roy Jones. In looking back at Jones-Ruiz you must examine how it effects Jones career. Roy finally has given us a signature fight signed sealed and delivered. I for one was a skeptic, however their can be no denying Jones is a special fighter, (not the Hector Camacho with muscles that I used to think). Since Jones has thoroughly dominated the Lt. heavyweight division does anyone believe their's a Lt. Heavy out there who can even bother him or who the public would clamor to see him fight ? No, not a one. Forget about Hopkins, with already owning a win over the middleweight champ what does Jones have to gain ? Plus nobody believes Hopkins could beat him. Forget about what's his name over in Germany, Jones doesn't need to go there and Darius won't come to America for his beaten. One must not forget, Jones has achieved the level as a great fighter, he's now fighting for money and cementing his legacy. Beating guys below 175 does nothing for Jones legacy or wallet.

The fight that makes sense for Jones is Holyfield ! Having the name Holyfield on his win column is huge, even if it's an eroded watered down version, (like Tyson thought in 1996). No one can deny that Holyfield is the most respected and best heavyweight since 1990, despite losing twice to Lewis. The first fight Holyfield wasn't there mentally and some feel he won the second fight. So beating Holyfield would be another stepping stone on the way to all-time status. Jones isn't going to fight Tyson, why should he? In Holyfield he's fighting a fighter who knocked Tyson out and made him quit. Holyfield's style is more suited for Jones, he doesn't fight three minutes a round any longer and he doesn't have one punch KO power. It makes much more sense. Why should he take a chance with Tyson, it's a fight he could be out front and winning and get caught with one punch and be KO'd, thus maybe losing immortality and being wrongly remembered like Michael Spinks is.

Forget Chris Byrd, what's he gain beating a guy who used to be a super middleweight, and who has the most difficult style he could face. What about one of the Klitschko's? Na, it doesn't make sense, they're are too big a risk for what the fight would draw. Jones has the WBA title, he does not need or want Wladimir's WBO belt and Vitali has no title, forget the Klitschko's! How about Tua, never happen. Tua is the same scenario as Tyson only less upside and not nearly the payday ! That leaves Lewis, this fight is a possibility but not now. Let Jones beat another Heavyweight and see where Lewis is on his schedule, this fight needs to be built up. Right now it's not the mega super-fight it has the potential to become.

What about Holyfield, what's in it for him ? Jones has the WBA belt that used to be his. Holyfield declined a potential Jones fight before because he had nothing to gain, now he has a lot to gain. Jones would also appeal to Evander because Jones is a little smaller then him, which in all actuality is worse for Holyfield. Looking back at the Warrior's career you can't help but notice smaller quicker fighters have been most troublesome for him, (Byrd & Czyz). Evander probably feels he learned a great deal from the Byrd fight in which would better prepare him for Jones. A win over Jones by Holyfield puts him right back in the title mix. The fight makes all the sense in the world for Holyfield. I have no doubt that while he was watching Ruiz-Jones he was thinking more about what Ruiz didn't do then what Jones was keeping Ruiz from doing.

This fight will happen. It makes perfect sense for both fighters. Can't you see Don King promoting it with the all the pageantry and hype that both names merit. Holyfield, the dominant and most consistent heavyweight over the past 12 years, and Jones the best all around fighter during that same period. I have no doubt this fight happens ! Jones is to smart and shrewd not to make it happen, he knows even a win over an eroded Holyfield strengthens his legacy. It also gives him even more bargaining power for other fights against the heavyweights who are perceived to be the best and most formidable, and he knows that Holyfield is ripe for the taking. On the other hand do you think Holyfield fears Jones, or has any doubt that he can beat him ? I think not, and Evander will be only to willing as long as their is a belt on the line! Look for Jones to be staring at “The Real Deal” next time he steps into the ring.